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Introductional meeting

To make sure you get the assistance you need and not just buy an off-the-shelf product, we encourage you to meet us for an informal discussion of your needs.

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Your Partner for advancing Project Management

Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to make you and your company (even) more professional in managing your projects. The objectives are to improve the quality, economy and time-effectiveness of your projects, and to increase the personal rewards felt by your project participants. These objectives are attained by advancing your project management methods, skills and culture.

Situational Development

As your management partner we can assist you in planning
a development process tailored to your need for advancing project manage­ment. Further, we have specialised in a broad spectrum of consulting services from which you can benefit.

  • Planning the process of advancing project management
  • Analysing the need for improved management of projects
  • Training of project managers, participants and sponsors
  • Creating standards for managing of project
  • Supporting the management of current projects
  • Organising learning processes and knowledge exchange
  • Improving managing the project oriented company

Depending on your need each services can be delivered   individually or be combined in an integrated process on professionalising the management of your projects.

Initial Meeting

If you are considering making use of our services in your corporation, just call or write. We will be pleased to attend a non-binding meeting to evaluate your needs and our possibilities of supporting you.


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