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Introductional meeting

To make sure you get the assistance you need and not just buy an off-the-shelf product, we encourage you to meet us for an informal discussion of your needs.

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Spectra of instruments for advancing the management of projects

Advancement process

  • Planning an integrated advancement process
  • Establishing internal development team of driving forces
  • Achieving ownership of the corporate management
  • Evaluation of improvement effect on management projects

Need for improvement

  • Analysing strength/weaknesses of today’s handling
  • Inspiration from conferences and initial seminar/courses
  • Benchmarking on other companies and projects
  • Evaluating the maturity of the present project culture
  • Summarising the aimed improvement of managing projects

Training personel 

  • Introductory courses for project managers and participants
  • Extended training and coaching of project managers
  • Integrating training sessions into current projects
  • Utilising certification as a lever for competence development

Standards Development

  • Project management guidelines on issues of advancement
  • Paradigms for project handbook including templates
  • Platform for virtual communication in projects
  • Access to good examples and experienced colleagues
  • Reference to methods and literature in training manuals

Serving Projects  

  • Assisting the planning of project preparation start-up
  • Facilitation of preparation or start-up workshops 
  • Sparring partner for the project manager under the execution
  • Review and auditing of management effort in the project
  • Facilitating the close-down evaluation of the project handling
  • Project office for serving projects and portfolio management c

Ensuring Learning 

  • Mechanism for project learning and knowledge exchange
  • Facilitating the networking of the project managers
  • Attending external conferences – including presentations

Project Orientation

  • Clarifying the company’s degree of project orientation
  • Making all projects visible – ensuring anchoring
  • Promoting project priority and reporting
  • Pro-active roles in projects of corporate management
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